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21 July 2016 – Broome WA

As we have done on most days since leaving home, the alarm went off at 7:00am and we were up shortly thereafter.

After breakfast, “He” helped one of our friends setup a recently acquired satellite television system.  We then took our friends into the Broome shopping precinct where we parted company.  We went to a pearl retail outlet where we obtained a copy of a television special on pearling that is to be aired later this year.

We met our friends for a late morning tea and whilst we were waiting for the coffee, we made a very quick decision to visit a pearl farm.

At 12:45pm we were all in our car and heading to the Willie Creek pearl farm, 35k’s north of Broome.  The brochure recommended that the trip be made in a 4wd vehicle.  Initially we travelled on a sealed road but the final 15 or so kilometers were over very rough roads.  The 4wd would be useful crossing a flood plain in the latter part of the trip.  Fortunately for us, the road was dry today.

At the pearl farm we were shown the process of pearl production.  We were also taken out onto the farm and were able to see the oysters submerged in the creek.  The final part of the visit was in their showrooms where we were shown various pearls highlighting the different qualities of the pearls.

The return trip was done at a slower speed but we returned quicker than the time taken on the outward journey.

Arriving back in Broome just after 4:30pm, we headed to Cable Beach to watch the sunset.  We walked on the beach but did not venture near the water as the beach was closed due to the sighting of a crocodile.  After sunset we stopped at a bar on the beach and enjoyed several drinks as the night descended.  All in all, a great day.

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