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20 July 2016 – Broome WA

We were up at 7:00am to another perfect day.  The temperature has remained static since arriving on the west coast and it is extremely rare to see cloud in the sky.

We did not receive a call from O’Brien Glass yesterday as promises so a call was made at 8:30am to determine when the window would be repaired.  Actually it was one of several call made as the local installer had not returned our call.  Finally, we cancelled O’Brien Glass and made arrangements for the local Novus agent to repair the window.  We had waited long enough!

Yesterday when we were shopping we purchased a new base for our satellite dish.  Our old base was held together with tape and the one purchased yesterday was cheaper than what we would have paid in Sydney.  When we purchased the base, we placed our old base in a dumpster at the retailer’s shop.  “He” decided to check the new base this morning.  Much to his surprise, the pipe on our dish was far too small to fit into the base.  When this was discovered, a call was made to the retailer to ask them to retrieve our old base from the dumpster.  As fate would have it, the old base was gone.

So today we updated our satellite dish.  The new dish is lighter than the old one but a little more difficult to put together.  And guess what, it fits into our new base!

Fortunately there was a sale on the dishes so the damage was not too bad.

After cancelling O’ Brien Glass and making an appointment with Novus, we headed into town and firstly to the visitor information centre.  “She” purchased pearl earrings and something for our daughter-in-law.  We had lunch at an Egyptian Kerbab shop before heading into Coles where we purchased meat, milk cheese, wine and beer.  Our new fridge ensured that everything was kept cold before returning to our caravan.

Next stop was Novus where the first thing the technician found was another crack in the base of the window.  The shower of stones has done far more damage than we first thought.  Steps were taken to stop the crack from expanding and as the crack is well away from our field of vision, we will live with it for as long as possible.  The chip that we originally wanted fixed was repaired satisfactorily.

We made another visit back into town and stopped at Matsos Brewery where we tried a couple of different beers.  We purchased a 6 pack of a mango beer that is not actually too bad.  The 6 pack won’t last long as “She” enjoys the mango beer as well.  We also stopped and purchased some painted items from a local artist.

After returning to the caravan park we packed seafood for our evening meal and headed back to Town Beach to watch the rising of the moon and the “Stairway to the moon” phenomena over the mud flats.  Actually several other thousand people had the same idea as the place was totally packed.  After tonight, there will only be one other occurrence this month.

We managed to take several pictures of the rising moon and the reflections over the mud flats.  The effect was over within 30 minutes of it starting and before long we were enjoying our evening meal on a beach devoid of people.

We returned to our caravan where “He” finished our blog entry and we had an early night.

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