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31 July 2016 – Nerren Nerren Rest Area to Geraldton WA

The Nerren Nerren Rest Area is a typical example of what is being done in Western Australia for travellers.  Not only were there several drop toilets, there were numerous rubbish bins, several shelters, a solar powered light that remained on for the duration of the night and a defribulator.  There was ample space for a large number of vehicles.  If only other states could replicate what is being done in Western Australia.

We departed the rest area at 8:30am and had to stop shortly thereafter to change the cable on our rear view camera that had decided not to work.  Minutes later we were back on the road with a working camera.

Today we enjoyed views of canola in full bloom.  Not only did we see brilliantly yellow canola, we are now seeing the start of the Western Australia wild flower season.  Yellow, white and purple flowers are starting to emerge and the wattle is very close to flowering.

Today we experienced high winds.  These winds grew in intensity as the day progressed and after arriving at our final destination, “He” declared that the driving conditions today were up there with the worst we have experienced since owning an RV.

Rather than following the highway to Geraldton, we decided to head to the coast and travel via Kalbarri.  After departing the highway, we entered the Kalbarri National Park and the scenery changed immediately.  The wildflowers were gone and replaced with a desolate landscape.

When we arrived at the township of Kalbarri, we refuelled and then stopped for morning tea.  We visited several lookouts near Kalbarri and took numerous pictures.  We also experienced some rain after departing Kalbarri.

As we drove south, the wind became more severe.  We passed a pink lake (algae) and detoured via a small town called Port Gregory where we stopped or lunch adjacent to a windswept beach.

We finally arrived in Geraldton late in the afternoon. As it was “His” birthday, we cancelled happy hour and had dinner at one of the local hotels.  The meals were great as was the company.

After returning to our caravan, we watched television for a short time before turning out the lights just before 10:00pm.  It had been a long day.

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