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8 October 2019 – Sydney to Gundagai NSW

We arrived home from Switzerland last Tuesday so our turnaround for our caravan trip was quick.  Fortunately, the car had been packed about 6 weeks ago so there was little required in that area to leave for the trip.

The long trip home from Switzerland and the ensuing jet lag has taken a long time to overcome.  Actually, this is probably the first time that we have not given any thought to our destination and the required clothing.

We left home at 9:15am and were fortunate to have an easy departure from our drive with no cars parked on the opposite side of the road.  We refuelled at Concord and soon we were on the Hume Highway heading south.  We hit a headwind just past Liverpool and later in the day, I posted the following on Facebook.

“Cannot believe it, took warm clothing to Ireland and Switzerland, it ended up being hot, left home today with shorts and a tea shirt on, and guess what, it is freezing at Gundagai. What’s going on?

Now on our way to the ACC National Muster at Warrnambool in Victoria. Strange day today, was fine when we left Sydney and then we hit a strong head wind the other side of Liverpool. The wind continued all the way to Gundagai. We drove through rain (which was accompanied by extremely strong winds) and fortunately missed a couple of storms, one which deposited small hail on the ground at Gundagai.

We decided to stay in a caravan park, and we are under cover. “She” has reorganised the caravan and we are happy with how the refrigerator worked after having some rewiring done.

We will join some of our ACC “Slickers” on Thursday before driving into Warrnambool on Friday.

Will stop at Wagga Wagga tomorrow to visit friends before heading to Seymour.

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