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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



28 November 2019 – Orange to Blackheath NSW

We set our alarm for 7:00am.  Since leaving home for this trip, we have both slept well.  This is a result of being able to have good control over the temperature of the caravan.  We are lucky that our air conditioning unit is under our bed and draws air from below the caravan.  Unlike the units mounted on the roof of RV’s, our u it is well protected from drawing in dust.

With plans to leave at 10:00am, we took our time with breakfast and preparing to leave.  “He” did discover a bare wire in the connector for our refrigerator between the car and the caravan and a quick repair had to be made.  A proper fix will have to be done after we return home.

Today we had decided to travel from Orange to Blackheath via the back roads.  First stop was at Lucknow where we were able to purchase fresh cherries.

We left the Mitchell Highway at Lucknow and travelled through Spring Hill, Millthorpe, Blayney, Newbridge, Wimbledon, Perthville, O’Connell, Tarana, Sodwall and Lake Lyell before returning to the Highway just to the east of Lithgow.

We had intended to have lunch at the hotel at O’Connell but were unable to do so as the hotel had a sign saying that it was closed until 4:00pm due to a power outage.  Instead we parked in front of the hotel, set up chairs and had sandwiches in the shade.

The countryside close to Bathurst was fairly green and we noticed many dams that were full of water.  The drought being experienced in NSW appears to start in earnest once you pass Bathurst however, there are spots of green from time to time that would indicate recent rain fall possibly from passing storms.

We arrived at the caravan park at Blackheath just after 2:00pm, some 5 hours after leaving Orange.

After doing the usual greeting to our caravan club friends, many that we had not seen for 12 months, “He” completed our setup and we were ready to join the group for our first happy hour of our Christmas Muster.

After happy hour, we travelled with a friend to Blackheath shops where we purchased Thai food for our evening meal.

After dinner everybody departed back to their caravans.  Plans were to have an early night.



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