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27 October 2019 – Moss Vale NSW

Today we had planned as a group to attend the Moss Vale markets but we were 24 hours late.  Instead the decision was made to go to the markets at the Berrima Public School.

Deciding to use a conventional map instead of the GPS unit, we managed to miss the turn off for Berrima, so we look the long but scenic route to the markets.  We did make a small purchase at the markets, a book on some fantastic photography using Photoshop

We enjoyed coffee in a small, and quiet, café in Berrima before heading back to Bowral where we found one of the best book shops we have ever seen.

We had a quick drive around Berrima looking at houses, this is “His” ideal place to move to, and later stopped at Coles where we purchased items for our lunch.

Before shopping at Coles, we sent a fair amount of time in one of the local bookshops.  The variety of books on sale far exceeded what we would normally see in a Sydney bookshop.  Wee purchased several books whilst there.

Before returning to the caravan for lunch, we refuelled in Moss Vale .

Later in the afternoon we visited a local garden (Red Cow Farm) with another couple.  This garden had featured earlier this year on Better Homes and Garden.  For the cost of entry, the visit was well worth it.

We enjoyed another happy hour in the camp kitchen followed by microwave meals for dinner.  Our group dined together on what was the last night of an adventure that had taken place over the past three weeks.

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