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26 October 2019 – Jugiong to Moss Vale NSW

It was dry and still when we emerged from the caravan in the morning.  The only evidence of the overnight rain was that most of the dust had been washed from our cars and vans.  The sky was blue and there was no evidence of the dust cloud.

One couple left us today to return home, we will catch up with them at our Christmas muster.

We didn’t have a long drive today, so the departure time was set for 9:30am.  Our caravan battery appears to be solid as it remained above 12.5 volts overnight and as soon as the sun made its presence felt, the battery was up over 13 volts.

We stopped at the small township of Gunning (Merino Café) for morning tea.  It was decided to stop for lunch at Gundagai near the “Dog on the Tuckerbox”.  That suited us fine as we had decided to refuel at Gundagai.

We passed through a couple of light showers on the way to Gundagai and when we stopped, there was dark cloud to both the south and north of our current location.  We were stopped between what looked like to be a couple of very heavy rain showers (or storms).

Leaving Gundagai, the wind increased in intensity and was blowing a gale by the time we reached Moss Vale.  We were given site 1, which has to be the smallest site in the caravan park, but it was clear of overhanging branches and relatively flat.  It was a bit of an effort getting both the caravan and car up a small gutter.  We are hopeful we will not have any issues from trees as most of the group are camped under trees.

We had our happy hour in the camp kitchen.  The wind abated late in the evening.

We had microwave meals for our evening meal in the comfort of the caravan.

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