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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



25 October 2019 – Beechworth VIC to Jugiong NSW

It rained overnight and was raining when the alarm sounded at 6:30am.  “He” was up prior to 6:30am having thought we had overslept a 6:00am alarm.

“He” managed to prepare the caravan for departure between rain showers and we left as a group just after 8:30am.

We stopped at Holbrook at a wonderful café (we have stopped there once before) where we enjoyed morning tea.  With the weather deteoriating, we stopped at Gundagai for fuel and then lunch near “The Dog on the Tuckerbox”.

We did experience some light rain during the morning but by lunch time, we were lucky that we had stopped between heavy showers to the south and north of our location.

By the time we arrived at Jugiong, a dust storm had started, and it didn’t take long for our cars and vans to be covered in dust.  With the temperature well over 30 degrees, we could not open vents to cool the vans as dust entered as soon as a vent was opened.

At 3:30pm we decided to go to the hotel for drinks and we stayed there for our evening meal.

We ran into some people we knew from our Winnebago days and we were delighted to see them.  Back in 2011, we travelled home with them from far north Queensland after having problems with the motorhome.  Our friend was recovering from some surgeries and this was the first time he and his wife had been able to travel this year.  They are also members of the ACC and were at Jugiong with friends who were also known to some of our traveling companions.  It is a small world.

A storm passed overhead whilst we were eating and later in the evening, we experienced several more storms and some heavy rain.  With the ground so dry, the overnight rain would be a welcome respite for the Jugiong showgrounds.

Our caravan was invaded by bugs during the evening (we have no idea how they got in) but we managed to clear most of them before we went to bed.

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