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25 November 2019 – Dubbo NSW

We started our day with another visit to the Ben Furney Flour Mill but this time to their retail outlet where we made some purchases.

Next stop was a Christmas shop in Dubbo and whilst there, we took the opportunity for a visit to Woolworths for some essential purchases.

We returned to our caravan park to offload the groceries and to have lunch before we visited the Western Plains Zoo.

We decided to use the car to travel through the zoo as the plan was to be selective in what animals we looked at.  Over the course of the next 1.5 hours, we looked at meercats, rhinos, elephants, zebra, giraffe, tigers, otters, hippos and lions.  We finished our zoo visit with afternoon tea at the café in the zoo and then purchased some soft toys that will be sed as gifts.

We returned to the caravan as “She” wanted to wash her hair before a late afternoon visit to a brewery that we had seen recently on Sydney television.  We were given a ride with friends to the Devil’s Elbow brewery only to find out that the brewery was not open on Monday nights.  This was a surprise when considering recent advertising.

We hatched a “Plan B” which involved a trip into the centre of Dubbo and drinks at “The Old Bank Restaurant and Bar”.

We left there just after 7:00pm and made a decision to visit the Dubbo Observatory.  Returning to the caravan park, we cooked a quick tea (sizzle steak and salad) and then drove two of our friends to the Observatory.

The weather was not great, and the owner of the observatory told us how the conditions would impact viewing.  Another couple who had actually booked a session decided to leave however, after giving consideration to the improving weather and the fact we were there, we decided to stay.

We had a great night looking through two telescopes.  We had a look at several planets, numerous star cluster and several gas clouds.  This was actually the best viewing we have had after several visits to commercial observatories.  The session was supposed to have been for 90 minutes, we stayed for an extra hour.

The return trip to the caravan park was slow as we were very conscious of the chance to meeting a kangaroo.


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