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23 November 2019 – Parkes NSW

There was nothing formal planned for the morning, so we decided to visit the Parkes Radio Telescope.

“She” did the driving duties to the telescope where we spent about thirty minutes looking through their gift shop and the displays, they have of the telescope history and current operations.

After returning back to Parkes, we purchased our lunch from the local bakery.

Late in the afternoon we visited a solar farm currently being constructed.  The site is massive site and it looks like it will be bigger than Broken Hill.  He was given permission to fly a drone over the site for the purpose of photography, but the flight had to be cut short due to increasing winds.

Whilst travelling on the road adjacent to the solar farm, a kangaroo was noticed bounding adjacent to our car after it had crossed in front of the following vehicle.

Not long after this encounter, our friends managed to hit another kangaroo that appeared from bushes adjacent to the main highway.  They with were doing just over 70kph and had no opportunity to avoid the collision.  It appeared that the kangaroo broke one of its legs and we had no opportunity to catch the kangaroo to check for a joey and help the kangaroo with its discomfort.  Fortunately, the damage to the vehicle was only to the from grill and number plate and the important parts of the vehicle were not damaged.

Continuing our visit to the area, we visited the childhood home (farm property) of one of the tagalong members.

Before returning to our caravan, we stopped at the local brick pit that is the source of water for the district.  “He” used drone to take photographs of the water level.

Finally, we visited the cousin of one of the group members who collected old wares.  We looked at two rooms full of interesting things including vintage cameras, toys, tins, cig packets

Returning to the caravan park, we had a very long happy hour until 8:00pm.  That was followed by a light dinner.

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