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22 November 2019 – Parkes NSW

Today the plan was to visit a property where we would all have the opportunity to have a ride in a working harvester.

Before meeting our host for the farm visit, we made a quick visit to a local bakery  where we purchased morning tea to take to the farm.

We met our local farmer host at 9:00am for a trip to a property about 36k’s out of town.

We inspected a new sheering shed on the property before being offered d a ride in a harvester.  “She” took up the challenge.  “He” used the drone to both photograph and video the harvester whilst operating.

We visited another property owned by the farmer where we looked through a new house that was being constructed.

This farm had machinery sheds to kill for.  Every tool that you could think of was there including several tractors and trucks.  As was the case with the entire area, it was very dry and dusty.

We had a quick lunch back at our caravan before a visit to the Grain Corp Depot at Parkes.  Again, one of the locals provided a tour that included watching the process of checking the grain on an arriving truck through to the process of moving the grain into the storage silos.  Whist we were onsite, a grain train from South Australia was being unloaded with the grain destine for local farmers.

We had drinks at the farmers township house before joining several other families for our evening meal at restaurant called “Bent”.  Whist we were at the house prior to tea, we were given a tour of the 2ha block of land which was utilising bore water to cultivate grass and gardens.  The property also has an ensuite on site with parking and power for visiting caravanners.  We were invited to come back and stay.

After dinner we headed to the Parkes Leagues Club to watch the son of our host farmer sing on stage.

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