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11 October 2019 – Hamilton to Warrnambool VIC

Our trip today was just over 10k’s so an early start was not required.

We joined the ACC tagalong and just before 9:30am, we departed in convoy format.

After driving on class “C” country roads, we arrived in the small township of Penrose where we stopped for morning tea.  Another reason for stopping here was to visit the Volcano Centre.

Much to our surprise, we were informed that this part of Victoria was a very active volcanic region with craters, lava tubes and caves providing evidence of the volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago.

After leaving the centre we drove to the top of Mt Rouse, an extinct volcano, that provided a wonderful 360-degree view of the area.

We arrived at the site of our Australian Caravan National Muster just before 2pm.  As the muster was being held in a caravan park, we had already been informed by SMS of our site number and the site was confirmed upon arrival.  In addition to the allocated site, we were given the adjacent site to park our vehicle.  Later we would learn that our group was to occupy part of the caravan park that is normally closed until November.  As that part of the park was large, we were all given the extra space.

It didn’t take long for us to setup after which we went grocery shopping before returning to the caravan park for happy hour.

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