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1 December 2019 – Blackheath NSW

Today started at 6:30am when the alarm sounded.  It had been warm overnight, but we did sleep well.

With several other ladies, “She” travelled to the local produce markets.  Whilst she was away, “He” completed the minutes that were taken at the AGM.

Later in the morning we had a “Secret Santa”.  Everyone who participated had purchased a gift to the value of $15.  Naturally the gifts were for the same sex as that of the purchaser.  All of the presents were numbered, and a name was drawn from a hat together with a number.  His ensured that the first drawn names were not able to pick and choose a present.  All appeared to be happy with the way that gifts were distributed.

After the “secret Santa” finished, several of our group, including us with our Sydney friends in the back of the car, headed west across the mountains to a café near Hartley where some of us had morning tea.  Some of the group left and we arranged to meet them for lunch a little late at Mt Victoria.

We returned to Mt Victoria via Hartley Vale and a new road to us that climbs up the mountain range.  Had the road been wider, it would have been perfect for take the caravan to the top of the hill as the climb was very gentle and far less severe that the climb up to Mt Victoria or the climb up the Bells Line of Road.

We met the remainder of our group at  the “Victoria & Albert” Guesthouse where we enjoyed a latish lunch in their café.  The food was not all that bad and this location could have been a suitable venue for our ACC branch Christmas dinner.

We were very conscious of smoke to the north and south of our location, but the fires should not impact us.

Quite a few of our group had departed earlier in the day so the numbers at our happy hour were reduced a little.

We had a quick a light tea in our caravan before adjourning to our friend motorhome where we enjoyed cocktails and a talk well into the night.

During the night we experienced very strong wind and that was accompanied by a little rain.


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