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29 April 2019 – Canberra ACT

Today started as another perfect day in our Capital with clear blue skies.

Leaving the caravan just after 9:00am, we went to the National Archives building only to learn that due to renovations, the archives had been temporarily relocated to the Old Parliament House.  We walk to the Old Parliament House and after paying an entry fee, found the relocated National Archives.

We spoke with a staff member who punched a computer keyboard before telling us that this was the first time that someone had asked for letters written during the war and she could not find any evidence of the letters and was not sure where to look.  It is likely that the letters have been destroyed.  We suspected that this may have been the case, but we have at least made an effort to find them.

Returning to the car we drove to the War Memorial with intentions of have an early lunch in one of their cafes.  We ran into friends in the cafe and after finishing our lunch, we had a one look at the people who had one Victoria Crosses before spending time in the World War 2 galleries.

Leaving the war memorial, we drove across Canberra and then climbed the road to the Red Hill lookout.  Since our last visit to this lookout many years ago, the trees have grown and what was once a great view of Canberra and the surrounds is now partially obscured by trees.

Next stop was to the National Abortorium where we enjoyed afternoon tea and discovered that the haze over Canberra was a result of a controlled burn in the adjacent mountains.  We felt that there was little change to the trees in the National Abortorium and it will take several years before a significant change will be noticeable.

Debating what to do for our evening meal, we headed back to the caravan park and on our arrival, noticed a growing pool of water under the caravan.  We were connected to mains and the water appeared to stop running after the mains was disconnected.  Further investigation revealed that the water was coming from between our air conditioning unit and house battery.  The only water pipes in that vicinity was fresh water to the basin and a drain from the basin.  A call was made to the seller of the caravan and a booking made for later in the week. (Investigation at the dealer only revealed that the drain holes to the air conditioning were blocked.  Pressure testing of the water system could not locate any leak so until proven otherwise, we have to suspect residual water in the air conditioning unit but only time will tell).

Having spent a significant amount of time clearing the water from under the caravan bed, we decided to have our evening meal in the restaurant in the caravan park. The service in the restaurant was excellent and the food exceptional. 

Knowing that we were heading home tomorrow, we spent part of the evening packing for our return journey and because of the water issue, hoses were packed away.

We spent time watching television and it was well after midnight when “He” turned off the lights.

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