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25 April 2019 – Wagga Wagga NSW

ANZAC Day.  We attended the morning show with Jim Haynes, Greg North and Marcus Holden.  There were cameo appearances by Alan Lazarus and Bill Daglish.

At 11:00am a commemorative ANZAC Day memorial service was held and was attended by almost all of the people attending the festival.  We had agreed to video tape the service and we tasked our son with the role of operating the video camera.  “He” directed the camera whilst running a slide show on the three screens inside the venue.  The service went for 1.5 hours and we will make the video available to everyone via YouTube.

Today we held our final “Help Desk” with a decision made not to extend beyond 3:00pm.

After the finish of the “Help Desk” we packed away our son’s tent, mattress and sleeping bag.

The evening entertainment was the Swing Sisters who performed songs from the Second World era.

Later in the evening we took son to Wagga Wagga Railway Station so he could catch the 12.25am “XPT” to Sydney.

We were both very sad to see him leave as we had both enjoyed his company for the past week.  Our son also was a big hit at the festival both from the two seminars that he held as well as his ability to help people through the Help Desk.

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