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23 April 2019 – Wagga Wagga NSW

The weather continued to remain dry and we awoke to a pleasant Wagga Wagga day.

Once again, our day started in the main auditorium and the morning show.  We had not used the video camera for the morning show in recent years but because of the relocation of the stage and the location of the viewing screens, “He” had been asked to project the morning show as well as the evening show.

Immediately following the morning show, the second IT presentation took place.  A television crew recorded some of the presentation for the evening news and “he” was interviewed as part of the news presentation.

After the IT session finished, “He” did his presentation on drone. Unfortunately, there were issues in playing some of the videos on the screen, so the presentation did not go as planned. We did however have a dramatic start by flying a drone inside the venue to the opening music of “2001 A space Odyssey”. Our son flew the drone and had the drone flipping at each high note of the sound track.  Whilst “He” was not entirely happy with the presentation, opinion was that the presentation had gone well.

Those attending were invited to come to a practical demonstration at 5pm on the following day.

We had a great evening meal from one of the vendors which we enjoyed under the stars.

The evening entertainment was Little Pattie.

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