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22 April 2019 – Wagga Wagga NSW

The forecast for Monday was showers and the chance of a thunderstorm. None of that happened and fortunately the very wet ground was given a chance to start to dry.

Unfortunately for the sake of the grounds, today was an open day and that resulted in a lot of vehicle traffic entering the grounds. This resulted in mud being created. Several of those attending the festival tried to drive out from their sites and ended up getting bogged.  “He” is of the opinion that had they taken time and thought about the condition of the ground, the necessary care could have been taken and they would have been able to drive out without any problem. Unfortunately depressing the accelerator down hard is not the way to negotiate soft ground.  During the day we drove out of our site on three occasions and the care exercised with the throttle made sure we had no issues.  Actually, a pat on the back, there was very little evidence in the soft ground of our vehicle movements.

In addition to the vehicles that were bogged, several of the mobility scooters that we being used during the festival were also bogged. Once again, people did not think about what they were doing and tried to drive into areas that they should not have.

As stated earlier, there was no more rain during the day and that provided the opportunity for the ground to start to dry.

The “Stoning of the Crows” was conducted during the afternoon. We (“He” & son) went out in the first round.

We went into Wagga Wagga and purchased some groceries and returned later to buy refreshments from Dan Murphy.

The evening entertainment was Stephen Fisher-King.

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