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20 April 2019 – Wagga Wagga NSW

We were up early today as we were expecting the arrival of friends from the ACC who were coming to the festival as day visitors.  They arrived just after 8:00am and after giving them a quick tour of the facility, we all headed into the main building for the morning show.

Today the morning show was hosted by Darren Carr.  Darren continued on from the previous night and provided another 1.5 hours of great entertainment.

Today the first of the IT Help Desks was held for a 2 hour period. We were not sure as to how popular this initiative would be, and it didn’t take long for us to come to the conclusion that there would not be enough time allocated during the festival to solve the issues of many who were attending.  We saw numerous people during the two hours as well as making appointments over the coming days.  Our 2 hour session went well overtime.

Knowing that our friends were coming, we had booked a table for our evening meal in the main auditorium.  But before our evening meal, we did have time to enjoy a happy hour with our friends at our caravan.

Reserving a table and ordering our meal during the day was a wise move.  Our meals were delivered at the booked time and they were delicious.  The wine we had with our meals wasn’t bad either.

The evening entertainment was Mike McClellan and he entertained us for about 90 minutes with many songs built into a history of his life.

Our friends who we had met at 8:00am departed well after 9:30pm. We understand that they had enjoyed the day.

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