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17 April 2019 – Wagga Wagga NSW

First job today was to ensure that the stage that the festival organisers had hired was located in the correct position.  With plans and a tape measure in hand, “He” made sure that the contractor did what was required.  This was our second year using the new convention centre that had been constructed early last year.  And with the knowledge of last year behind us, the organisers had decided to relocate the position of the stage with the relocation allowing for additional seating and also better placement of the video camera that is used to project the performers onto the three screens.

We spent the remainder of the morning talking to various friends who had already arrived at the venue.

Later in the day our son arrived on the afternoon “XPT” service from Sydney.

After his arrival, we erected a small 3-man tent, inflated the mattress and set up the accommodation for our son’s stay of a week.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to interface a computer and a video camera with the video system in the building that is used for all of the entertainment.  12 month ago we had been the first to use the system and the components we had used last year were not to be found.

We joined a group happy hour with the other volunteers and then collection of volunteer shirts and other material relating to the festival.

“He” cooked the evening meal which we enjoyed at a table in the open air.

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