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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



13 February 2019 – Culburra Beach NSW

Our alarm sounded at 7:00am but with nothing important planned for the day, we reset the alarm for 7:30am and went back to sleep.

During the night we heard light rain and “He” had to get out of bed and close both of our roof vents.  What we didn’t know was that the overnight rain resulted in every external surface being covered in red dust.

After breakfast, we both showered in the caravan (we are still working on the process of using the combined shower / toilet unit) and then “He” spent an hour cleaning the red dust off both the car and the caravan.

After the cleaning was finished, we really had a very lazy morning and before we knew it, we were eating lunch and watching reruns of the classic television program, “Mission Impossible”.

After lunch, “He” decided to find our eucalyptus oil to remove a label off the glass cover of our cook top.  The eucalyptus oil was stored in our side bin which is under our bed and as soon as “He” opened the hatch and started to remove the stored items, the presence of water was noticed.  Actually, everything that was stored under the bed was wet and there was no evidence as to the source of the water.  The only possibilities were the hatch leaking (we have had the caravan covered since the storage locker was last repacked and we have not had sufficient rain since the caravan was uncovered to result in water penetration), our hot water service was leaking or there was water coming from the air conditioning unit.

Deciding to check the water first, “He” decided to use our water pump rather than using the connected mains water.  The water pump was started and then nothing happened, no water came from the tap at our sink.  “He” immediately decided that there was a problem with the pump.

Quickly a call was made to the dealer from where we purchased the caravan and arrangements were made to return in a couple of week’s time to have the problem pump fixed.  At the same time, “He” mentioned the water leak and it was agreed to have that problem addressed at the same time.

With the contents of the storage bin spread around the exterior of the caravan to dry, “He” elected to stay whilst “She” joined the rest of our group for a couple of games of mini golf in the caravan park.

After finishing mini golf and returning to the caravan, other members of our group were aware of our problems and very soon there was a collection of “men” looking at the problems.

The issue with the water under the bed was identified as being caused by the air conditioning unit.  The three hoses that supply the air output were all wet and dripping.  We are not sure why we and we don’t know if the air conditioning drain is blocked.

As for the water pump, one of the group asked if there was water in our tank.  Having filled the tank prior to leaving Sydney, the answer was a “YES”.  Just to make sure, “He” looked at the tank and after tapping the tank and hearing a hollow sound, it became apparent that the tank was dry.  We connected a hose to fill the tank and soon after, water started to poor from a hole in the tank.  The hole is actually a drain point and the drain cover is gone.  We don’t know if the cover was ever fitted or if it was loose and has fallen off.  Irrespective of why, we now know why there was water dripping from the caravan when we left home but more importantly, the results from the weigh bridge are no longer valid.

The water tank has two covers so pictures were taken of the second cover and sent to the dealer.

We enjoyed a happy hour with the group but with the temperature dropping quickly, happy hour concluded just before 6:00pm.

All of the items that were wet from the storage bin had dried and we were able to repackage most of the items back into the storage area but in a crate, so they were off the storage area floor.

With the wind increasing and plans to leave the campsite early tomorrow, “He” decided to stow our awning.  The awning was retracted, and would you believe, it did not retract fully into its housing.  This will be another item for the dealer to look at where we visit in two week’s time.

After the events of the afternoon, we decided that cooking would be an issue, so we decided to buy our evening meal.  We found a restaurant at the Culburra Beach shops that did takeaway, so we ordered grilled fish (“He)  and a schnitzel meal (“She”).

We had the meals in the caravan, and both were enjoyable.

The remainder of the evening was spent doing this diary entry and watching television.

We were both tired and with the reduction in the temperature being very well received, we decided to have an early night.

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