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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



11 February 2019 – Sydney to Culburra Beach NSW

Our last trip in the Adria caravan, actually our first trip, was in late November last year.

Since returning from our annual caravan club Christmas muster, the caravan has been stored in our driveway and covered to protect it from the elements.  The weather covers were removed a week ago, the refrigerator started, and the caravan was readied for a 9:00am departure for a trip to the NSW South Coast.

We left at 9:00am and had no problems in getting the caravan out of the drive and into our street.

After parking our other car in the drive, “She” approached the caravan making reference to water on the ground which was coming from the underside of the caravan.  “He” commented that the caravan had just been filled with water and what was visible was probably overflow from the tank due to the angle that the caravan was parked at on the street.

First stop today was at a public weigh bridge at South Strathfield where both the combination and caravan were weighed.  We had intended to get a formal report but for $20 the weights were written on a piece of paper.  The formal report would have cost us $90.

We had a steady run south and fuel consumption was as good as expected. The Adria is easy to tow, and the Nissan Navara performs well towing a ton less than what it used to.

We arrived at the caravan park at Culburra Beach just before midday and we were the second to arrive.  We were given a large site with the site not far from the gate that provides entry to the adjacent beach.

We shopped during the afternoon having decided not to carry food from Sydney but to buy locally.

We enjoyed a happy hour late in the afternoon before joining other members prof our group in the camp kitchen for our evening meal.  The temperature was warm, but our air conditioning is doing a great job in keeping the van cool.

The only disappointing thing today was noting that the refrigerator rose a couple of degree during the trip south.  Fortunately, it recovered quickly after being connected to power.

We headed to bed fairly late.  Tonight, we opened the roof vents.

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