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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



25 July 2018 – Sydney to Penrith NSW

Our last day travelling with our caravan was 8 June 2018 when we returned from our final trip in the Nova.  At that time, we had believed that our days of caravanning were over and future travel within Australia would be by car and stops in cabins, motels and hotels.  

After returning home from Western Australia in June, we reversed our decision and ordered a replacement caravan for our Nova.

Today we would deliver our trade to Sydney RV.

We chose a wonderful sunny day to deliver Blue Snoopy to Penrith and much to our surprise, we had a clear street when we decided to leave.  As fate would have it, “He” over compensated clearing our front fence and was forced to reverse twice to allow the Navara to turn into the street.  That was the first time in six years that a reversing manoeuvre was required.

Not far after leaving our house, we have to make a right-hand turn into a major road.  The intersection has two right turn lanes and as the turn is tight, we normally place our vehicle, if possible, in the centre of the two lanes.  So that we have minimum impact on other traffic, we normally wait for peak hour to clear and also wait until school zones are not in operation.  As we positioned ourselves today, a following vehicle decided to pass us and was able to occupy the inner of the two turning lanes.  We tried to explain to the drive that he has to give way to turning vehicles, we had the correct sigh on the rear of the Nova, but all we received were blank stares.  We made the turn and he let us go.

Parramatta Road was very heavy with traffic but it didn’t take long to arrive at the M4 and a pleasant trip to Penrith.  Fuel consumption was great but that had to be expected with the caravan close to its minimum weight.

Without any fuss, we stopped close to the entry gates at Sydney RV, unhitched the caravan and soon it was taken into their yard.  We had intended to have a final walk through the caravan but that did not happen.

Our Nova Vita travelled just under 50,000k’s and excluding hail damage, the only other issues with the caravan related to the refrigerator and one flat tyre.  We looked after the caravan and it looked after us.

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