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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



4 April 2018 – Wagga Wagga NSW

Again, our day started early.

Wanting to know the situation with the replacement alternator, “He” was on the phone to the dealer before 9:00am and was informed that the part had arrived.  All going well, it was indicated that the vehicle would likely be available later in the day.

Just before lunch, a call was made to the Nissan Dealer almost at the same time they were calling up.  The replacement alternator had been damaged in transit and a replacement unit had been organised.  The saga continued.  Once again, a call was made to Nissan who agreed that under the circumstances, the car rental was extend to the following Monday.

We were both involved in seminars in the afternoon.  We had our evening meal at the convention centre bistro.

Prior to the evening entertainment, the awards for the photography contest were announced.  “He” received a highly commended for a picture of the boat house on Dove Lake in Tasmania.  The winning picture was of a chair on the veranda of what may have been an old building.  The picture was titled “Chair on Veranda” and really didn’t meet the brief of “Old Buildings”.  Not to worry, there will always be next year when the theme is “ANZAC”.

Our entertainment for the evening was Ian Cooper, an exciting virtuoso violinist.  Ian’s performance was very energetic and enjoyed by all that attended.

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