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30 March 2018 – Wagga Wagga NSW

Today was the day when about 450 RV’s had to be brought onto the site and located into their position for the remainder of their stay.  Whilst “He” was not involved in the siting, the opportunity was used to use the quad copter to capture the arrival of vehicles onto the site. The quad was operated at both of the entry points and good vision was obtained.  “He” did do a little assistance with siting by escorting a couple of vehicle who had arrived at the incorrect gate.

“She” spent the morning organising material and other craft items that would be used in classes over the coming week.

There were a couple of sessions in the convention centre in the afternoon which “He” attended and also provided support for the audio-visual presentations.

We cooked our evening meal before heading into the new conference centre where all of the entertainment would take place.  As has been the case in recent years, “He” has the role of providing video pictures of the entertainment.  Recent years has seen the use of a rear projection system onto a single screen, this year would see the video being projected onto several screens.  Unfortunately, the location of a screen behind the stage made it impossible to place the camera in the centre of the room so the camera was setup in the front row offset by about 6 seats.  This location would prove to be satisfactory over the next week.

Most of the regulars performed on the first night with the highlight being a couple of the performers surprising Grant Luhrs, he was singing “Nude Bootscootin” and they were dressed in nude body suits.  This provided the crowd with a very big laugh as Grant was caught in total surprise.  We were also introduced to the “String Family”, a mother, father and two teenage children.  Joel, the father and son Heath plays cello, and Sarah, the mother and daughter Ashleigh play the violin.  The family performed last year in a cameo appearance and were immediately booked to return this year.  Also entertaining us were Jim Haynes, Bill Dagleish, Mel and Susie and not to forget, Rob Nichols on his guitar and the wonderful balladeer, John Smith with Christine on bass guitar.

After the conclusion of the concert, we packed up the video camera and tripod and returned to our caravan.

We were both extremely thirsty and enjoyed a quiet drink before watching television before retiring for the evening.

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