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16 November 2017 – Bulli to Currarong NSW

Today we had a bit over 100k’s (or 2 hours) to travel to the site of our ACC Branch Christmas muster.  With all day to get there, our group was not in any hurry to depart and a departure time of around 10:00am was agreed.

We started to get ready for departure just after 8:00am and were actually ready to leave just after 9:00am.  We left at 9:45am.

The trip south was a leisurely run with part of the group stopping at Berry for morning tea but we decided to continue on.  For the first time we travelled on the Berry by-pass and appreciated the work that had been done that removed the many hills and narrow road that was the old Princes Highway.

We had been warned about roadwork occurring on the road into Currarong but we did not encounter it.  Later we would learn that we had been misinformed about the actual location of the work and members of our group that took a road to avoid the roadwork actually encountered it.  We were lucky as the road we took was the road we were told about.

We arrived at our destination, the Holiday Haven Caravan Park at Currarong, around 11:00am.  Having already paid for our accommodation cost, we were soon inside the caravan park and attempting to place the caravan onto a shortish site with a tree encroaching directly into the area where we should have parked.  We ended up putting the caravan into the centre of the site with the outcome being a very small area to park our car.

We spent time doing the mandatory “catch-up” with other branch members.  Later in the afternoon we attended games prior to happy hour and that was followed by our evening meal, another kilo of prawns that had been purchased for $15 from a vendor who came into the park.

Our parking problems were solved when our neighbours arrived in a motorhome and that allowed us a large area to park adjacent to our caravan.

We joined two other couples to eat our meal.  By now it had started to rain but we were all able to shelter under an awning.  After our evening meal we attended a trivia night and our team came second.

We had to close the caravan vents as rain was predicted during the night.  We have recently discovered that we can run our air conditioning in fan only mode and if the van is totally closed up, the air conditioner circulates the air very well.  Unfortunately having the vents closed also meant that none of the outside cold air was able to enter the van.

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