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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



13 November 2017 – Sydney to Bulli NSW


We have only been home for two weeks and it is time to head out again.  We did not un-packed the ute and we had left the caravan powered for the duration of our stay at home.

We had the alarm set for 6:00am but decided that another 30 minutes of closed eyes would not go astray.  Infact, following the additional 30 minutes in bed, we were ready to leave about 30 minutes before our planned departure time.  Figure that one?  We left at our planned time of 9:00am.

Having arranged for a neighbour to move her car, we had an easy departure from our drive.  It took us close to an hour to cross Sydney and get to a point where the peak hour was no longer a trouble.

Heading south, we departed the Princess Highway at Helensburgh and continued to Stanwell Tops where we descended from the escarpment to sea level.  The drive along the coast is very pleasant with lovely scenery.  We arrived at our destination, the Bulli Beach Tourist Park,  just after 11:00am and we were on our site and setup by midday.  Some of our group arrived just after us.

We purchased prawns for lunch and enjoyed the prawns with bread rolls.  Over the next couple of hours the remainder of our group (we have 10 vans in all) arrived and we renewed acquaintances over happy hour.

We enjoyed hamburgers for tea (“He” cooked) followed by some nice sweets and then we spent evening in front of the television.  We were both tired so an early night was required.

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