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23 October 2017 – Bingara to Lake Keepit NSW

Our alarm sounded at 7:00am and we were up quickly.  Even though last night had been warm, we had both slept well.

Today we started another tag-a-long that we were co-hosting.  The plan was to leave Bingara at 9:30am.

Having done a lot of our packing yesterday, it still took us a good hour in preparation for our departure.  We spent time in saying our goodbyes to our many friends and as planned, we joined the other members of our tag-a-along for a 9:30am departure.  We had decided to discourage the entire group travelling together and that decision suited the other participants.  Actually, we left in three groups.

It took us just over two hours to drive to Lake Keepit, an inland dam located between Tamworth and Gunnedah.  Our drive included a stop in Manila where we purchased some perishables.

Prior to leaving Bingara, we had plotted our destination into the GPS via co-ordinates and this resulted in us driving past the entrance to our destination which was not well marked.  We had to turn the caravan around in a tight spot and then call the caravan park to work out where we were.  Even though we had made a mistake, we were the first of our group to arrive at our overnight stop and we were able to radio instructions to those following us.  We have a new UHF radio in the Navara and it looks like the transmission range is very good.

We were on our site and setup when the remainder of the tag-a-along group arrived.

Today, six rigs left Bingara and now we are eight in number with another two couples joining us at Lake Keepit.

We spent most of the afternoon talking with our friends before we continued the discussions at happy hour.  We were also entertained by several gliders soaring overhead.  Within the boundaries of the Recreational Park is a soaring club.  “He” will probably have a look there tomorrow and take pictures of the departing aircraft and then their return.

During happy hour, “He” inflated our kayak for use tomorrow.  We were also spared the rain from several storms during the afternoon.  We only experienced the thunder and a few spots of rain.

The group took advantage of the camp kitchen where we all cooked evening meals and then dined together.

We returned to our caravan at 8:30pm for coffee, showers and a little television.  We have 35 channels to choose from.

There were no clouds in the sky and the temperature had dropped.  We expected a cold night.

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