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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



12 October 2017 – Moree to Glenriddle NSW

We had to make a telephone call at 7:30am and “She” wanted to have a shower before our we departed.  We had our alarm set for 6:30am.

It had rained for most of the night with some of the rain being very heavy.  Neither of us had slept well due to the noise and also the heat which never really reduced during the night.  Just after we had woken, we had virtually decided to stay put for the day and not join other members of the ACC Branch as planned.  We had come to this conclusion on the understanding that to reach our destination we had about 8k’s of dirt and we were aware that the rain had been wide spread.  Also there were more storms forecast for the morning.

We made our 7:30am call and then just before 8:00am, we called the organiser of our branch tag-a-long to inform him of our decision.  He told us that they had also experienced rain during the night but he did confirm that other than about 200 meters, the road to the campsite was sealed.  After looking at the sky near us and glimpsing some blue sky, we decided to leave Moree and join our fellow branch members.

We left at 9:15am and had an incident free drive to our next stop.  We were aware of weather to our north but our trip was in the dry.

We refuelled in Bingara, the town we will return to tomorrow for our National Muster.  We did have a funny occurrence on the way when a cattle truck, travelling a speed around a corner, managed to spray our car with a brown liquid that had a cattle smell about it.  We cleaner the windscreen quickly and stopped when we arrived at the next town expecting to see a brown stain down the side of our car and caravan.  Fortunately, only our windscreen had been impacted.

We arrived at our destination just before midday and met seven other couple who were part of the tag-a-long.  The free camp site, Glenriddle Rec Campground is fantastic with shelters, non potable water, drop toilets and heaps of space.  The site is not flat but we had little trouble in levelling the caravan.

After lunch, we played disc bowls and then spent time talking over a long happy hour.  We cooked our evening meal and then watched television until heading to bed early.

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