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7 October 2017 – Gunnedah to Narrabri NSW

We forgot to set the alarm.  Intend to rise at 7:00am, we got a shock when we checked a watch to find it was 7:20am.

We were conscious of the time as we wanted to be at the Boggabri Museum which opened at 10:00am.

We did our usual things for departure and left the caravan park at 9:10am.  We stopped at Mitre 10 for a couple of items and then drove the short distance to Boggabri where we arrived a minute or two before 10:00am.

“She” went to see the historical Society (they meet on Saturday mornings) whilst “He” headed with a camera to the railway station.

The discussion with the Historical Society proved to be very valuable as we were able to purchase a publication about the people who have lived in the area (has now proven to be of little use to us) and also able to obtain some cemetery records that partly identified the location of the grave we have been looking for.  We now know that the grave we considered yesterday as being the right one is unfortunately not the one we are after.

After thanking the ladies in the Historical Centre, we headed to the cemetery and checked every headstone in the row identified as being the place of burial.  We didn’t find a headstone but were able to identify several unmarked graves.  “Her aunt will be in one of those graves.

With some degree of satisfaction, we departed Boggabri and continued onto Narrabri where we booked into a caravan park.  The temperature was well over 30 degrees and our caravan air conditioner provided some relief from the heat.

As soon as we arrived, “She” was able to do a load of washing as we expect it will be several days before we get another opportunity.

After lunch, we packed cameras into the car and decided to visit the Narrabri Radio Telescope Array.  We were following sign and later discovered that we missed a turn.  Relying on Google Maps for navigation, we were taken on a long trip down gravel roads and finally reached the radio telescopes.  We estimated that we travelled an unnecessary 30k’s. (Later we would see the sign we missed as see that it was partly faded and a little difficult to see).

We were the only visitors at the radio telescope and were able to spend uninterrupted time looking at the displays in the visitor centre.  We also had a perfect opportunity to photograph the radio telescopes (5 of them as the 6th was not being used) as the array was being used and the dishes were all facing the same way.

We returned to Narrabri to shop at Coles, refuelled and then returned to our camp.

We cooked our evening meal and had a quiet night watching television.

The forecast for tomorrow is for rain and for once, it does look like the forecast will be correct.  “He” has fingers crossed that there will not be rain when we ready the car and caravan for departure in the morning.

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