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23 April 2017 – Bendigo VIC

The rain had stopped when we ventured from our bed and we had made the right decision to leave our walking tour of Bendigo until today.

With the sky still overcast but dry, we drove into Bendigo and were able to find a parking spot in one of the city’s main streets.

First stop was Officeworks to purchase some memory sticks after which we started our walking tour.  There are many beautiful buildings in this city and soon these building were in the focus of “His” camera.  We walked through a small lane called “Chancery Lane” and admired and photographed the wall art.

We then headed towards the Visitor Information Centre but detoured into Rosalind Park and admired the canopy of trees, rotunda and fountains.  We climbed to the top of the lookout tower in the park where we were afforded a panoramic view of Bendigo.

Next stop was the Visitor Information Centre where we obtained information relating to other parts of Victoria.

We stopped for lunch at “Schnitz” and both enjoyed their parmas.

After returning to our vehicle, we detoured to the “Great Stupa of Universal Compassion”, a Buddhist Temple that is being constructed by donation.  The building is a replica of a structure in Tibet “The Great Stupa of Gyants”.  A large jade Buddha is currently travelling the world to raise donations to build the structure.  The Buddha has been seen to date by over 10 million people.  It will return to Bendigo when the temple is completed.

After returning to our camp, “He” repacked the back of our car.  “He” then watched the West Tigers beat the Canterbury Bulldogs (NRL), “She” read.

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