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27 October 2016 – Griffith NSW

Today was to be our last full day in Griffith and the main focus was to be a visit to a “fruit salad” farm. A “Fruit salad” farm describes a farm that produces a variety of fruits.

Before our visit to the farm, we drove into Griffith and stopped at Lowes and provided one of the staff members with an application form to join the Australian Caravan Club.

Next stop was for fuel followed by a quick trip to our bank (running out of c ash) and then McDonalds for a very quick lunch.

Wanting to have a look at Griffith from a high spot, we then headed to a lookout to the north of the city.  We also had a head-on crash with another vehicle that was travelling down the centre of the road (wrong direction in a one way street!) but managed to stay clear of the other vehicle.

We were surprised that the “so called” lookout provided us with a very poor view of the town and the surrounds as tree shad been allowed to grow in front of the viewing platform.  “He” flew the quad copter in medium wind and was able to obtain aerial shots of Griffith.

We returned to another winery, Calabria Family Wines, and purchased several bottles of some of their wonderful wines.  We also we able to identify local liquor outlets in Sydney from where we can purchase their wines.

Next stop was to see Joe & Sharon at the Catania Fruit Salad Farm.  We were welcomed with coffee and some fruit to try (the blood oranges were fabulous) and also entertained with several large yabbies that were allowed to run around the table where we were sitting.

We enjoyed a tour of the farm in their coach (at least that was what the brochure described the ancient vehicle as) before returning to the farm house where we were able to purchase local produce.  We purchased a bottle of local wine (no preservatives0 that was consumed several days later (the wine was excellent).

Whilst “He” obtained permission to fly the quad copter over the farm, she had a long discussion with the owners of the property that resulted in us being given three small yabbies which we accepted with some reluctance being worried about transporting them back home.

Before returning to our camp site, we stopped at a supermarket and purchased a plastic container to transport the yabbies.  We did not expect them to survive the trip home.

We had a late happy hour and our evening meal with the group.

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