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24 October 2016 – Jerilderie NSW

After the hectic time, we had in Shepparton, today would be a quiet day.  In fact, we slept in.

One of our friends departed for home relatively early so we said our farewells before we had breakfast.

“He” took the opportunity in the morning to fly the quad copter and photograph the surrounding area and the massive amount of water still present.  The creek behind the caravan park was a very wide body of water.

Later in the morning we visited about the only shop open in Jerilderie and restock with some groceries and fruit.

After lunch we returned to the Jerilderie township and stopped at a local park that housed a very large windmill.

Made by the Steel Wings Windmill Company of North Sydney in 1910 the windmill was originally erected at Goolgumbla Station for the owner Sir Samuel McCaughey.

It was transported by rail to Jerilderie and then taken by bullock wagons to Goolgumbla Station, 75 km north-west of Jerilderie.

Until 1947 it provided water to the Station’s homestead, ram sheds, and dams along a 45 km irrigation channel system. It collapsed during a severe windstorm in 1977 and the then owners of the station, Dalgetys, offered it to Jerilderie as an historical exhibit.

Relocated to Luke Park, Jerilderie, and restored in 1979 the windmill is one of only six machines of this type ever made, and was the only one in operation throughout the world until 2004 when a second windmill was restored and erected in Taroom, Qld.

The Steel Wings windmill stands 50 feet high, has a 25ft diameter wheel, and a 24ft long tail piece. Its nose plate acts as a governor and automatically turns the machine out of high winds to save structural damage.  It operates a 6″ plunger on a 19″ stroke, lifting 2 gallons per revolution to offset evaporation losses from the lake adjacent to the park.

“He” flew the quad again in the afternoon taking more pictures and video of the area.

We had a communal BBQ for our evening meal and once again, we were challenged by the local mossie population.

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