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25 August 2016 – Hay to Junee NSW

It was dry when we emerged from the caravan after we both enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

We were undecided about our destination today with the decision to be made when we arrived at Narrandera with the decision based on the amount of water and mud on the ground.

Other than road trains, there was not a lot of traffic on the Sturt Highway as we headed east.  We did notice an abundance of bird life feeding adjacent to the road and we managed to hit a pink galah that flew in front of the Nissan.  We saw feather fly but a look at the front of the Nissan a little later during the morning did not reveal any damage nor could we find any evidence of the bird being injured.

Driving into Narrandera we noticed evidence of a large amount of recent rain and our intended camp site appeared to be very wet.  We stopped for coffee in Narrandera and decided to continue driving and head towards Junee.

As we continued our drive, we noted that the country side was very green and still we saw a lot of surface water from recent heavy rain.  As we passed through Ganmain, we saw one road closed due to local flooding.

After passing through Ganmain, we thought we saw rain in the distance.  We then changed our mind and decided we could see smoke but actually we later learnt that we were looking at fog.  The fog was wide spread and it created an eerie outlook.

Using Wikicamps, we found that the Cowra Golf Course offered overnight parking with power for $5.00.  We had a little trouble finding the golf course as our friends, who were leading, had issues with their GPS that wastrying to navigate to coordinates (provided by the Wikicamps application) that were in the middle of the golf course.  When we finally arrived, we were made very welcomed and shown a spot we could camp that was on a level area that once served as a bowling green.  We were also given a combination to the lock on a toilet as well as information relating to getting our evening meal in the golf club.  We were also informed that the advertised power was not available.

A third couple arrived and were also shown how to access the parking area.  This couple were from New Zealand and we were soon friends with them and sharing experiences.

We had a short happy hour before going into the club for our evening meal.  The process were very reasonable and the food was excellent.

Without power for heating and no diesel heater in the caravan, we had a very cold night.  The temperature was around 8 degrees when we returned from the club and we suspect that the temperature would have been 1 or 2 degrees when we went to bed.  It was cold.

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