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22 August 2016 – Morgan SA to Mildura VIC

It was cool overnight and fine when we emerged from the caravan.  Knowing that we would be leaving South Australia today, we set clocks forwards and synchronised the time on all of our cameras.

Leaving Morgan we refuelled before joining the highway to head towards Renmark.  We had intended taking the route via Waikerie but abandoned that idea when we noticed that a trip across the Murray River by ferry was required.

When we rejoined the Sturt Highway just before Renmark, there was a noticeable increase in the amount of traffic and in particular, large trucks.  We believe that the amount of heavy transport on the Stuart Highway is impacting on the general condition of the road as the surface is very bumpy.

We had an uneventful trip through Renmark and then onto Mildura.

We arrived at our intended accommodation just after 12:30pm and by 1:30pm (it took ages to register) we were on our allocated site.

First item on the agenda for the afternoon was a visit to Orange World in Buronga (back in NSW) where we purchased mandarins and Washington navel oranges.  We love the fresh fruit from Orange World.  Then we crossed town to Woodsies Gem Shop where the girls spent time looking at jewellery.  The boys had coffee and both agreed that the coffee was the best since leaving home.

We actually left there just before 5:30pm and arrived at our campsite for happy hour at 5:45pm.  Happy hour went to well after 7:30pm when we decided that it was time for our evening meal.

The evening was spent watching a James Bond movie on television.

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