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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



21 August 2016 – Port Augusta to Morgan SA

The day started with our usual 7:00am alarm and the mandatory look out of the door to see what the day looked like.  Today it was dry but there was cloud cover.

We left the caravan park just before 8:45am and immediately stopped to add fuel.

As we left Port Augusta we reflected to on the fact that Port Augusta is really the gateway to Australia.  You go north to Darwin, west to Perth, south to Adelaide and Melbourne and east to Sydney and Brisbane.  We also reflected that it is unlikely we will ever return here by road.

We followed the highway south and left the highway to have a quick look at the small town of Port Germein.  Stopping close to the jetty, we had a walk and took some pictures.  Steps are being taken here to make the town attractive to travellers.  There is even a small free camp that overlooks Spencer Gulf.

Returning to the Wakefield Highway, we headed further south until we turned towards Crystal Brook.  We followed the planned route entered in our GPS through lush rural countryside crossing over the Flinders Ranges until we reached Burra where we stopped for lunch.  Intending to stay overnight in the Burra region, we first headed to the local showgrounds.  The cost to camp was $15 per night and that was with or without power and water.  There were several staying there and the only flat spots we could find had long reaches to power and the spots would be questionable if it rained.  We decided not to stay.

The other option in the Burra region was an overnight stop about 23klms south of the town.  We found the rest stop and considered staying.  That was until we tried to park the caravan and discovered that the site was very tight and we decided there was a risk to us if we had to leave the site quickly.

We continued a further 70k’s to Morgan where we booked into the local caravan park.  We were given double sites so we ended up with drive through sites.  We have a good long walk to the amenities block but we are still hitched up.  Our friends are also parked with their trailer attached.

We have a video call with our family before joining with our friends for another game of sequence.  Current score is guys 9 wins, girls only 2 wins.

We had a nice hot meal (“He” was not required to cook outside) before settling in front

of the television to watch the last of the Olympics.  “He” took the opportunity to organise registration and insurance for both our car and caravan with both due to be settled before we return home.

It was cold and our air conditioning still surprises us with how effective it is in heat mode.

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