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13 August 2016 – Esperance to Fraser Range Free Camp (East of Norseman) WA

As one would expect, the day that we leave the coast the weather returns to clear blue skies and no wind.  Yep, that is exactly what happened today.

We had planned to depart by 8:45am but were delayed and actually left Esperance just after 9:15am.  We encountered sometimes a slight headwind but mostly a side wind for the first two hundred kilometres to the small town of Norseman.

After asking one of the locals where we could purchase fuel, we eventually located a service station that was open.  Our GPS had no idea where fuel was located and the one service station that it did find looked like it had been closed for a long time.

We located a Caltex station just outside of town where we refuelled.  We returned to Norseman and purchased some groceries to allow us to make damper and then had coffee and lunch at a café.

When we left Norseman, we located a large BP service station at the junction of the Eyre Highway.  We assume that this was previously located in the town and moved to take advantage of a prime location.  If you are travelling directly from either Perth or Kalgoorlie, you actually bypass Norseman.  You only travel through Norseman if you have come from or going to Esperance.

Our overnight stop was approximately 75klm down the Eyre Highway.  There were actually two sites at Fraser Range, one that was impossible to find a level spot (at that is where the dump point was) and the other site which was massive and also contained a drop toilet.  We stayed at the latter.  The site was so large that there were so many spots to choose from.  We found spots well away from the road.

Later in the afternoon “He” flew the quad copter and took video of the entire site.  “He” also flew the quad copter at sunset.  We setup our satellite dish and “He” was able to watch the Swans beat the Bulldogs.

Our friends cooked hamburgers for tea which were delicious.

We then watched the end of a couple of movies before retiring for the night.

It was very cold but we were comfortable in the caravan.

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