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17 August 2016 – Penong to Elliston SA

It had rained overnight but was dry when we emerged in the morning.

Before departing “He” took the opportunity of taking some pictures of the windmill museum and walked part of the Penong golf course.  One of the holes is part of the Nullarbor Links with the hole appropriately named “Windmills”.

We were away just after 8:30am and with a slight tailwind, we had an easy run to the quarantine station at Ceduna.  The check was quick and shortly afterwards we stopped in Ceduna and did grocery and fruit shopping at an excellent “Foodlands” store.

Leaving Ceduna we left the Eyre Highway and joined the Flinders Highway to head to our planned overnight stop at Streaky Bay.

The scenery into Streaky Bay was stunning and we noticed a heavy fog in the distance that was over the ocean.  We assumed that differences between the air temperature and the sea temperature caused the fog.

We had lunch at a park in Streaky Bay and then decided to have a quick look at the town and then to proceed further down the highway and stop overnight at Elliston.

As we travelled south we noticed a sign to “Murphy’s Haystacks”.  Murphy’s Haystacks are rock formations located at Mortana, between Streaky Bay and Port Kenny.  They obtained their name because a traveller in a coach saw the formation in the distance. He apparently asked how a farmer could produce so much hay.  As the farm was on a property owned by a man called Murphy, the rocks then became known as Murphy’s Haystacks.  They are located about 4k’s from the main highway.

We actually missed the turn and after a few kilometers travel down the road, we were able to turn and return to the attraction.

Entry to the paddock where the rock formation is found is via donation.  “She” decided to walk in, “He” decided to fly in using the quad copter.

After leaving the attraction we travelled on to Elliston.  Our low fuel light came on as we passed the Elliston sign so we headed straight to a caravan park and booked in for the night.  We were warned when we arrived that strong winds were forecast overnight.

After setting up, we gathered our friends and refuelled the car before heading along the ocean drive that highlights the cliffs and the ocean close to Elliston.  We stopped for photographs at several vantage points before driving to a point to the south of Elliston where we were able to watch the sunset over the Southern Ocean.

As we returned late, we cancelled our happy hour and cooked tea.

We watched television before heading to bed.  The temperature was still very warm.

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