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14 August 2016 – Fraser Range (East of Norseman) to Caiguna +105k’s Free Camp

It was bearable when we emerged from the caravan.  The day presented as being perfect with no cloud and initially very little wind.  It was not cold.

We departed just after 8:30am planning to drive just on 400k’s.  First stop was at the second

Fraser Range Free Camp where we took advantage of the dump point.

First stop for the day was at the Balladonia Roadhouse for fuel.

About 30k’s from the roadhouse we stopped at a sign that indicated we were about to travel on the longest straight road in Australia, 145k’s in length.  The sign was correct, the road was straight and close to 145k’s in length.  Whilst travelling on this road and travelling at about 95kph (speed limit is 110kph), we were passed by a Porshe that would have been travelling well in excess of the limit.  We captured the moment on our crash camera.

We also had to leave the road for an 8m wide load that occupied the entire width of the road.  It would have been fun had we not noticed the oncoming lights as the wide load was at full speed and was not stopping for anyone.

At the end of the straight is the Caiguna Roadhouse.  Again we stopped for fuel (the trip to Caiguna had been impacted by side wind) and we had lunch in the roadhouse diner.

Just after leaving Caiguna we went through a time zone change and set our watches 45 minutes forward.  This is unique to the Nullarbor.  There will be another change of 45 minutes tomorrow when we arrive at the South Australian Border.

Our planned overnight stay was a freecamp approximately 105klms east of Caiguna.  We experienced strong wind after leaving Caiguna that impacted on our fuel consumption.  We also had two kangaroos jump in front of the car and braking was required.  Again we have the action on the crash camera.

The freecamp was once again a massive site.  Unlike the previous night, there were no toilets or a dump point.  Rubbish bins are provided.

“He” flew the quad copter over the site and we were amazed with the overall size of the freecamp once we viewed the video.

Once again, we have access to television via our satellite dish.

We had a late happy hour and decided on our destination for tomorrow.  Salmon rissoles to tea and we also cooked the remainder of our potatoes and tomatoes as we will transit through a quarantine point tomorrow when we depart Western Australia and enter into South Australia.

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