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12 August 2016 – Esperance WA

By the time we went to bed last night, the rain had stopped and the forecast storm did not arrive.  The forecast today was better with very little or no rain expected.

It was fine when we poked our heads out of the door and the temperature was reasonable.  There was cloud in the sky but it did not appear to be rain bearing.

Today we planned to complete “The Great Ocean Drive” which showcases the stunning beaches in the area.  We started adjacent to the beach near the Esperance CBD and headed up a hill to the Rotary Lookout that provides expansive views of the area.  After that lookout we visited eight stunning beaches including Twilight Beach that was names the best beach in Australia several years ago.  We also visited several lookouts where we tried to look for whales.  “He” claimed to have sighted two whales in the distance but we did not see the whales again.

The strong winds of recent days were gone but what wind there was seemed to be coming from way south as it was cold.

After completing the loop, we stopped in Esperance for lunch (thick shakes as we waited forever for table service in a recommended café that did not come) and then headed to the Esperance Stonehenge.  We saw the Stonehenge from the road but it didn’t impact on us enough for us to pay the entry fee.  It was supposed to be a replica of the original but looked like a number of stones positioned in a circle.

We returned to Esperance and shopped for food to cover us until we arrive in Streaky Bay late next Wednesday.  We also refuelled at Coles Express (there is no Coles in Esperance).

We enjoyed happy hour and then steak and salad for our evening meal.  We spent the remainder of the evening recharging batteries and watching the Olympic Games.

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