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9 August 2016 – Albany WA

The rain continued for most of the night and was very heavy at times.  “He” did have to get up at 3:00am for a comfort stop (that is what happens when you go to bed early) and there was not a cloud to be seen in the sky.

It was not raining when we got up and it stated dry for us to prepare the car for a day of sightseeing.

With our friends on board, we decided to visit a couple of spots where whale watching was possible so we headed in the direction of the Torndirrup National Park.  It started to rain as we approached the old whaling station at Discovery Bay.

Before entering the station, we took some pictures of the area and an old whaling vessel called “Chenyes 4”.  We made enquiries as to the cost of entering the station and were informed that the entry fee was $27.00.  As part of the visit was outside and the rain was continuing, we decided not to enter the facility.

We then drove to the coast was the access road to the “Blowholes”.  There was a walk of 700 metres each way and once again, the continuing rain stopped us for seeing the blowholes.  We were also unsure if the blowholes would be working as the strong wind was creating a very strong and strange swell (direction wise).  We did however take the opportunity to photograph the angry ocean and the swells breaking over rocks.

Next stop was to another couple of features called “The Gap” and the “Natural Bridge” (they wanted $6 (concession) or $12 (full price)to park – apparently a National Park fee!).  Our arrival was welcomed with what we thought was very heavy rain but it was actually salt water from waves crashing into “The Gap”.  The wind was also extremely strong and made it near impossible to open either door on the driver’s side of the car.  “He” finally managed to open the door and grabbed a camera to attempt to photograph the area.

It was actually very funny watching the water blowing into the car park and anybody attempting to walk through the car park was caught by the spray.  “He” found a large rock to shelter behind but then decided to brave the conditions all in the name of photography.

“He” was able to take great pictures of both the “Natural Bridge” (exactly what the name implies as it is a rocky ledge crossing an area with the sea below) and “The Gap” without getting too wet.

The car was covered with salt water and for the first time in several days, we were hoping for rain to wash the salt away.

We then headed towards a lighthouse but found the gate locked.  There was a dirt road nearby that led to a beach and that is where we headed.  Again we were able to take pictures of the wild sea.

Finally we headed down another road that would give us views of Princess Royal Harbour.  “He” decided to remain in the car whilst “She” headed down a track to take pictures of the harbour.

Soon after “She” came running back stating that “He” MUST come with her as “She” and one of our friends had sighted whales. “He” grabbed a camera and a long lens and followed.

One minute later we were taking pictures of a newly discovered whale that we have named the “Bouy Whale”.  There were several of them, all in a straight line just bouncing around the the swell.

During this trip we have discovered “Logadiles” (crocodile), “Tyre snakes” (snake) and now the “Bouy Whale” (whale).  We can only hope that these wonderful discoveries of new species continue for the remainder of the trip.

We returned to Albany and had lunch in a Chinese restaurant.

We then decided to visit the National ANZAC Memorial but were surprised to find that entry was very expensive ($25).  Once again we question as to why we need to pay to see a memorial.  There were other people there who were also considering not entering.  Had the entry price been lower we probably would have entered.

Before returning to our caravan we did a little shopping.  It rained several times during the afternoon and washed the car.  “He” cleaned all of the windows when we refuelled the car.

We had a quick happy hour where we discussed the next couple of days and our intended overnight stops.

The rain continued for most of the evening but the forecast is for some relief tomorrow.  We hope that the relief happens before we have to hitch the car to leave in the morning.

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