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8 August 2016 – Busselton to Albany WA

The increase in the wind speed that we expected did not happen.  It looks like we actually experienced the high winds when we were having happy hour and our evening meal in the camp kitchen and the warning issues by the weather bureau was actually a little late.

It was actually still overnight but we did experience an occasional burst of heavy rain.

It was not raining when we got up and the final part of the preparation for our departure was also done in the dry.

Today we planned to head to Manjimup and then make a decision as to the direction we would take to Albany.  The plan was to free camp at Lake Muir (on the Muirs Highway on the inland route) or stay in a caravan park at Walpole if we decided to take the coastal route.

After leaving Busselton, we encountered some rain before we arrived at Manjimup.  The skies to the west looked threatening and the forecast was for further rain.  Fortunately what wind there was around was coming from behind us.

We stopped for fuel and coffee at Manjimup and whilst enjoying our coffee, we took the current time and the weather forecast into consideration and decided we would be better off continuing our trip to Albany and arrive later in the afternoon.  We were reasonably happy we would not have any problem with finding a caravan park and using WikiCamps we chose a caravan park and punched the coordinates into our GPS.

As we departed Manjimup it started to rain.  The sky to the west was black.  We drove from Manjimup to Mt Barker in rain that never let up.  Fortunately the trip was through forests and there was little traffic around.  Even though it was raining, we were able to manage a reasonable speed without creating any risk.

We stopped briefly in Mt Barker before completing the final 56 kilometers to Albany.  After Mt Barker it was dry but the menacing clouds to our west grew in intensity the closer we got to Albany.

Needless to say the rain started as we arrived in Albany.  We navigated to our caravan park and booked in.  The park is empty and we received a generous discount.  “He” was able to setup in between showers and remained relatively dry.

We cancelled happy hour and made arrangements to meet with our friends early tomorrow.

“He” did make a phone call to one of the local operators who conduct whale watching cruises.  The plan was to try to do a cruise tomorrow.  It came as no surprise when “He” was informed that the earliest time that the company thought they would be in a position to offer a cruise would be in two days time as they indicated that the weather tomorrow is likely to be a repetition of today.

“She” prepared a great hot meal of meatball, potato and gravy.  We took the time and completed our Census using the on-line application having been given the relevant forms when we arrived at the caravan park.

We continued to receive heavy falls of rain well into the evening and when we finally retired for the night, we were uncertain as to what tomorrow would deliver and whether we would not be able to spend quality time in Albany.

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