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4 August 2016 – Munster (Perth) WA

It rained.  Actually it rained for most of the night.  It was still raining when we ventured out of the door.

Today we had planned to have a look around Freemantle and in particular the historic buildings in the area.  We also planned to find the memorial for the HMAS Perth that was sunk in the Second World War.

It was raining when we headed into Fremantle and we were blessed with another entry into our stupid driver dash cam archive.  The vehicle in front of us undertook another vehicle as traffic lights turned red and then had a partial loss of control as the vehicle sped through the intersection.  All of this, including the registration plate, was captured in high definition video.

We drove around Freemantle deciding if the rain would impact on our exploration of the old buildings and decided it probably would.  Instead we stayed in the car and did a tourist drive around the Freemantle CBD and the adjacent dockyards.

After our tour of Freemantle, we headed south towards Rockingham where the memorial to the HMAS Perth is located.  The memorial to Perth is actually part of a larger memorial that honours ships and sailors from the Navy.  The Perth memorial appears to be the centre piece of the memorial.  We were a little disappointed with the memorial especially when you look at what has been done in Geraldton for the HMAS Sydney 2.  Nevertheless, it is a memorial and does acknowledge those who served their country and those who paid the ultimate price.

After taking pictures of the memorial, we headed into Rockingham and had lunch at an Italian restaurant.  We enjoyed what was in “His” opinion one of the best pizzas “He” had eaten in Australia and close to the best “All Time” pizza.  The restaurant is called “Lavoro” and we can highly recommend it.

We drove to a lookout near Rockingham before returning to our caravan.  As it had stopped raining, “He” managed to wash the car (with limited water) before we had a snack for tea.

We watched a DVD before retiring called “Eddie The Eagle”.  Along the lines of “Cool Runnings” we enjoyed as very inspirational movie that was based on a true story about Michael Eddie Edwards, a British ski jumper who competed in the 1988 Olympics at Calgary.

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