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2 August 2016 – Geraldton to Cervantes WA

And then there was two.  Today we said goodbye to the couple who joined us in Port Augusta. They were travelling back to Perth with relatives and are fortunate not to have the same time restrictions as us.  We may see them again near the Nullarbor.

So, our caravan and our friend’s motorhome departed the caravan park just after 8:30am for the short drive to Cervantes.

It took us several hours to get there as we took the coastal route.  Most of the trip was spent fighting a very strong side wind that did impact a little on fuel consumption.

We stopped at a bakery in Jurien Bay and enjoyed coffee and a light lunch before continuing to our overnight stop in the caravan park in Cervantes.

At the time of caravan park checking in, we were given a $20 discount voucher for a seafood platter at one of the local clubs.  We decide to take up the offer and booked accordingly.

After we were setup, we loaded ourselves and our friends into the Navara and headed to “The Pinnacles”.  The Pinnacles are limestone formations and are situated in the Nambung National Park.  They are approximately 16k’s from Cervantes.

We paid our discounted entry fee of $6.00 and drove around the 4klm circuit that showcases these unusual features.  “He” was able to fly the quad copter a couple of times and obtained some great aerial video over the area.  We spent the best part of an hour driving around the site before heading to their visitors centre where there was further information about how The Pinnacles were created.

On our way back to our campsite, we stopped at another attraction called Stromatolites.  They are located just over 1km from the center of Cervantes in Lake Thetis.

It is estimated the lake became isolated from the sea about 4800 years ago when sea levels dropped and coastal dunes formed around the Lake.

The lake is one of only a few places in the world with living marine stromatolites, or ‘Living fossils’. The microbes that build stromatolites are a species of cyanobacteria that have been traced back to the earliest record of life on Earth.  The lake’s stromatolites that look like rocky lumps have been dated to about 3370 years old.  Stromatolites are found in three locations in Western Australia.

We enjoyed our seafood platter in the Cerventes Country Club.  The platter included lobster, prawns, oysters, fish (snapper), squid, scallops, smoked salmon, chips and salads.  We figured that for $80, it was great value.

We watched television after returning to our caravan.

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