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14 July 2016 – Spring Creek to Halls Creek WA

We had a comfortable night with the low temperature and our doona making it very easy to sleep.

Our trip today was a mere 107k’s and we were on the road well before 9:00am.

We arrived in Halls Creek before 10:30am and checked into the caravan park.  We were given sites on concrete so we were both level and in a position where we did not need to unhitch.

We had booked an aircraft to take five of our group on a sightseeing flight over the Bungle Bungles.

With the weather absolutely perfect, we arrived at the airstrip and met our pilot from Northwest Regional Airlines.

Soon we were loaded onto the Cessna and on our way.

“He” had flown over the Bungles several days ago and when the area was covered in smoke from hazard reduction.  There was no smoke today and the time we flew allowed us to see into a lot of the gorges without the impact of shadows.  In “his” opinion, the flight today without the impact of the smoke and haze was 100% up on the previous one.

The scenery in this part of Australia is stunning.  There is also a significant difference in the scenery when you fly to the Bungles from the north as you fly over hills and mountains where the trip from the south is over flatter ground.

We went to the local hotel for happy hour and our evening meal.  We were back in our caravan by 8:00pm.  We are no longer running our air conditioning as the temperature has reduced significantly.

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