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12 July 2016 – Kununurra WA

The sun rises before 6:00am (hard to believe that it is still winter) and it is difficult to sleep beyond that time.  The fact that the caravan park is full of backpackers (fruit pickers) who all start their day very early also makes it difficult to sleep.

Today we had booked a cruise on Lake Argyle and we were required to be at the lake, some 70k’s away, by 2:30pm.  Prior to the cruise the boys had planned to go fishing, however, it was decided that the girls would be bored so a decision was made to travel early to Lake Argyle and enjoy a picnic lunch prior to the cruise.

We had decided to shop for some grocery items today so a quick trip was made to Coles to purchase a few items to cover us until we reach a larger town.

We left Kununurra just after 11:00am for the hour drive to Lake Argyle.  We had previously visited a grassy area below the dam wall and that is where we headed to.  We all enjoyed a picnic lunch before visiting a lookout and then heading to our collection point for the cruise.

Our cruise host, Greg, from Lake Argyle Cruises, has been conducting tours for the past 18 years.  His knowledge of the area was very sound and he told us that whatever he didn’t know, he just made up.  During the cruise we saw a lot of wildlife and numerous freshwater crocodiles.  We travelled down the lake about a quarter of the way and in simple terms, the lake is massive.  Several of those on the tour went for a swim and at the same time, we all enjoyed nibbles and drinks.  Unfortunately the presence of cloud spoilt sunset but we were still able to take some nice pictures.  We arrived at the jetty well after sunset and drove to our campsite in the dark.  Our purchase of reasonable driving lights a couple of years ago has been validated on this trip.  The return journey was just over 70k’s and our lights were great.

We had a quick meal upon on return and then a quiet night before heading to bed fairly late.

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