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9 July 2016 – Kununurra WA

The forecast temperature for today was 34c and we awoke to the usual clear and sunny day.

Immediately following breakfast, “She” showered and washed her hair whilst “He” grabbed a camera and went for a walk in the Hidden Valley National Park that is 50m behind our camp site.

We collected friends and headed to a Sandalwood factory where “She” purchased some perfume and other items.  Next stop was to a lookout called Kelly’s Knoll.  This afford expansive views of the Kununurra township and the surrounding area including some of the channels associated with the Ord River Irrigation Scheme.  We also found out why we don’t have television reception, there is a hill directly between our campsite and the television transmitter.

We were informed by another friend that the Kununurra Show was in progress.  We headed there and paid our $10 (seniors) entry fee.  The existence of the show probably counts towards part of the reason as to why Kununurra is so busy.

During the show we all entered a completion with a local tour operator to win a scenic flight to the Bungle Bungles.  “He” made a bold statement that “He” would win the trip, and so did another of our friends.

We left the show and headed back to the shopping precinct so “She” could have a look at a shop that sold Argyle diamonds.  These diamonds are very expensive due to their rarity and we were told that the Argyle Diamond Mine, the only place on the planet where currently these diamonds are found, is likely to close in coming years.  A friend tried on a ring, for the purpose of a picture, that was on sale for a mere $356,000.

After having lunch at our campsite, we paid a visit to a local distillery and tried their offerings.  “He” was interested in their whisky but was disappointed with the taste.

We did however enjoy the blended rums on sale but not to the extent +$60 purchase for a 700mil bottle.

Before returning to our campsite “She” was able to purchase some cough mixture to assist with a lingering cough.

One of our friends were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We hosted happy hour and placed suitable signs and balloons around our caravan.  With the rest of our group, we enjoyed champers and light snack food as we had planned for all of us to go out to dinner.

It was during happy hour that “He” receive a telephone call advising that “He” had won the scenic flight.

We went to the local hotel and enjoyed a great evening meal.  The drinks were refreshing, the food excellent, the company was great and the service received from the hotel staff was exceptional.

We returned to our caravan satisfied with our contribution to our friend’s anniversary.  We could not open vents due to someone having a camp fire (cannot understand why anyone wants a fire when it is so hot) but we did have a very comfortable night.

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