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11 July 2016 – Kununurra WA

Our original plan was to travel to Wyndham on Monday and spend Tuesday looking around.  After being told that there was not a lot to see or do there, we decided to spend extra time in Kununurra.  That also allowed us to book a cruise on Lake Argyle as the earliest cruise we could organise was on the 12th.

With a day to spare, we decided to do a day trip to Wyndham.

Wyndham is just over 100k’s from Kununurra or just on one hour.

We our friends in the car, we headed off just after 9:00am.  First stop was at a landmark called “The Grotto”.  The Grotto is an area at the base of a waterfall that only runs during the wet season.  Access is via 140 steps that descend the sides of a steep gorge.  We elected not to descend the stairs but were able to take pictures from the top.

Arriving at Wyndham we saw a town that looks to be in the process of dying.  Very few businesses remain and many houses are boarded up.  We went to the “Five Rivers” lookout and whilst the view was spectacular, the experience was impacted by the smog from fire reduction reducing visibility somewhat.

Next we looked at some aboriginal statues in one of the parks and that was followed by taking pictures of the “Big Crocodile”.

We did a quick detour from our drive back to Kununurra and drove part of the way down the Gibb River Road.  We had intended to visit El Questro but found it difficult to justify driving the additional kilometres.

We returned to Kununurra arriving just after 1:30pm.  We were glad we had cancelled our plans to stay at Wyndham but glad we had visited the town.

We went out for dinner with friends and enjoyed grilled barramundi at the “Barra Shack” in Kununurra.  After returning to our camp site we had a late happy hour which concluded just before 10:00pm.

We were in bed shortly afterwards.  The night was warm with the temperature hovering in the mid twenties.

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