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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



8 July 2016 – Timber Creek NT to Kununurra WA

Happy birthday Dad.  You are still in our hearts and always will be.

We were up at our usual time but seemed to be better organised as we were ready to leave by 8:20am.  We had all planned on 9:00am.  We took the opportunity and changed our clocks to WA time.

Being ready early allowed us to refuel.  The fuel retailer at Timber Creek requires the surrender of identification before the pump is activated.  Cost of fuel was $1.48cpl.

Before leaving at 9:00am, we took the opportunity to change the time on all our cameras to WA time and this also ensured that all of the cameras were in sync to allow for future cataloguing of the pictures taken.

We lead the group today and set cruise control at 90kph.

Our trip to the Western Australia border was uneventful except for the rock that hit our windscreen about 3cm from the edge of the window.  The result was a crack that started at the edge of the window and continued into the window for close to a foot.  Part of the crack was in the driver’s line of sight.  Under normal circumstances we would have been upset, there was nothing we could do and had to accept the situation.  Fortunately the need to change the windscreen will result in the removal of several small stone chips that would have needed to be fixed sooner than later.

We stopped at the border at the quarantine station where both the car and the caravan were searched for banned items.  Every cupboard was opened and even the space under the bed was checked.  Our other friends did not receive the same level of scrutiny.

We completed the final part of the trip without further incident and checked into the caravan park just after 10:00am.

We have been given a sandy site where there is little grass.  We are also close to the unpowered area that is full of tents.  We have power and will be comfortable for our stay.

“He” was able to arrange a replacement windscreen through O’Brien Glass and that work was completed early in the afternoon.  The cost will be covered by our insurer.

We purchased fruit and veggies before lunch.

Later in the afternoon we attempted to book a cruise on Lake Argyle through the local visitor information centre.  That was unsuccessful with no availability during our planned stay.

At happy hour we decided to change our plans slightly and relocate on Monday closer to Lake Argyle.  With this plan confirmed with the group, we were able to book a tour for Tuesday.  At the same time we booked a plane later in the week for a flight over the Bungle Bungles.

We finished happy hour around 8:00pm (local time – our body clock said 6:30pm) and then had a quick evening meal.  We were in bed before 10:00pm (local time).  We ran the fan in the air conditioning for the entire night.

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