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6 July 2016 – Batchelor to Katherine NT

Another relocation day.  Today we travelled from Batchelor back to Katherine to allow us to prepare for our journey from the Northern Territory into Western Australia.

We departed our campsite at 9:00am and returned to the Stuart Highway.

The drive south was uneventful but we stopped at the War Cemetery in the township of Adelaide River.  This town was one of the last places in Australia to be bombed by the Japanese in WW2.  When looking at the ages of those killed, the thought of war and the waste of very young lives really makes you think about how barbaric the human races has been over the years and still is.

We stopped in the small mining town (the mine is now closed) of Pine Creek where we enjoyed lunch from one of the cafes.  As we returned to the Stuart Highway, the Ghan passed directly in front of us heading south.  We were able to follow the train for a short time and this allowed for some photography.  We did not realise how slowly the train was travelling as we would have arrived back in Katherine well before the train did.

We stayed in the same caravan park as we did recently.  We were given what was one of the tightest spots in the caravan park but we did manage to get the caravan onto the site.

Later in the day we purchased groceries and refuelled the car ready for the departure on the next day.

After happy hour, we had a quiet evening watching television.  Again the air conditioning was turned off and we both slept well.

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