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2 July 2016 – Darwin NT

At 11:00pm last night our new fridge/freezer displayed a warning light indicating that the battery power was insufficient to run the unit.  We were looking at the endurance of our battery pack which, at the time of the warning light, was showing 80% full.  We switched to 240v to allow the unit to continue to run.  As we intend to rely on the unit until we reach cooler weather, “He” went to bed not knowing if the unit or our battery pack was the culprit for the warning light.

Our day started with a 7:00am wakeup alarm.  Last night we had not run air conditioning, just the fan.  That proved to be comfortable.

First up, “he” checked the battery pack which showed 12.47v.  Further checks confirmed that the battery source was sound.  At 8:00am a call was made to Anaconda (where we purchased the unit from) and after a discussion involving three of their staff members, it was agreed that we take the unit back.

After meeting with the Anaconda staff, we came to a collective agreement that the low voltage sensor on the unit may not be calibrated correctly.  This was confirmed by replicating the problem on another Waeco CFX 28 unit.  A change was made to the unit setup and the problem should not reoccur.

After returning to our campsite, we collected friends and visited the area around East Point looking at the historic remains from WW2.  We had intended a visit to the museum but “He” felt that the cost ($18.00pp) was a little high as neither of us were entitled to any discounts.  They gave a $5.00 discounts to seniors over the age of 65 years old and a $10 discounts to locals.

Our next stop was a local shopping centre for some lunch before we returned to our campsite.

Later in the afternoon some old friends joined us for happy hour.  They bought with them the part we required for the toilet.  With the exception of the connection of a monitor which tells you when the toilet is full, we now have a working and flushing toilet.

After tea we watched television or (the election results or actually non results) before retiring for the night.  We ran the air conditioning but on low fan.  Whilst “She” slept well, “He” did not due to the noise from the air conditioning.

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